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A SCOPE® Training video

A training DVD is included with every A SCOPE® kit to explain how the device is used and the type of sounds you should expect to hear in acoustic and Doppler mode. The DVD also provides some background information on medical ultrasound to assist you in achieving the best results in Doppler mode. Understanding how the ultrasound beam reflects off moving tissue to generate audible returns should enhance your ability to position and manipulate the A SCOPE® and better interpret its audible returns. The content of the training DVD is provided here to give you a better feel for the novel attributes of the device as well as its applicability and limitations. Although this video will play adequately on your computer we recommend using a pair of high performance headphones in order to reproduce the low frequencies of the Doppler sounds included in this video. This type of headset is supplied with the A SCOPE® kit together with a short adapter cable with an 1/8” phone plug to connect to most audio-out jacks on computers, CD players and DVD players.


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